White Crater Ciwidey A Beautiful Crater You Need to Visit in Bandung

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White Crater Ciwidey Bandung
White Crater Ciwidey Bandung

White Crater Ciwidey beautiful crater you need to visit in Bandung. One of the volcanoes in Indonesia, specifically named mount Patuha produces a crater which named White Crater Ciwidey. Nowadays, itishappened to be one of the most recommended tourism places in Bandung. The crater has a white, greenish colour which is why it is called as White Crater. More beautiful sides of this will be explained below. If you are interested, make sure you read the article until the end.

The reasons to visit the beautiful White Crater Ciwidey.
Take a look at some of the wonderful things of White Crater Ciwidey that makes this a must to visit when you decide to have a great holiday in Paris Van Java or Bandung City.

1. Beautiful scenery
It has been mentioned several times before that this place is so beautiful and calm. For those who want to relax their mind and enjoy a wonderful view, then this white volcanic crater is what you need. Here, you may walk on the sand of the crater and enjoy the scenery much closer. However, be careful with the water that it is pretty dangerous to your skin. Though White Crater Ciwiedey smells sulfuric, the view is worth to enjoy.

2. Good access and facilities
Since White Carter Ciwidey is loaded with many visitors in every single day, then the government has upgraded its facilities and road trip to be much easier for any visitors to come. Historically, it is used to be pretty difficult to get into this beautiful white sulfur lake. Fortunately, today, the road is pretty easy to access with many facilities in it, like restaurants, mosque, toilets, and many others.

3. Affordable price
Believe it or not, the price you need to spend on the entrance ticket is merely 20 thousand rupiahs for domestic people. It is considered as a cheap one compared to other tourist places. In this sulfuric crater, you can take as many pictures as you want to capture the beautiful moment with friends or family. As a result, for the backpackers, this place is highly recommended to visit.

4. Clean and very relaxing
The white colour may represent something clean. It is also what the White Crater Ciwidey offers you with. When you visit this place, make sure you don’t litter everywhere. Keep the environment clean so that the White Crater stays beautiful and relaxing as well. A clean and beautiful tourism place will attract many foreigners to come and visit our country.

Based on the reasons above, you may immediately plan your holiday schedule to Bandung and straightly visit this beautiful crater located in Ciwidey, South Bandung. This is also one of the iconic tourism places in Bandung. Thus, if you visit Bandung, then it is such a pity if you can’t go to White Carter Ciwidey since it is so beautiful and cool. As an additional tip, you may consider bringing a thick jacket just in case the weather gets very cold or even raining.

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