Way Kambas National Park Lampung Information for You

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Way Kambas National Park Lampung 3
Way Kambas National Park Lampung

Way Kambas National Park Lampung is located approximately 110 kilometres from Bandar lampung, in Sumatera island. Way Kambas National Park is one of the oldest preservation places in Indonesia. This National Park is also home to Sumatera’s elephant, and their training too. If you want to go to this place, see this article below to know the information which also includes way kambas national park tours.

5 Things You Should Understand about Way Kambas National Park Lampung

In this article about Way Kambas National Park Lampung, we will give you some of the essential things you should know before you were going there. Such as national parkway kambas general information, national parkway kambas activities, way kambas national park tours, how to enter way kambas, and hotels around way kambas for you who want to stay near the cold air in way kambas.

Way Kambas Park General Information
Way Kambas National Park Lampung
In Way Kambas Park, you will see various species of flora and fauna, especially from Indonesia itself such as Sumatera Tiger (Panthera Tigris Sumatrae), Siamang Monkey (Hylobatessyndactylus), Indonesian exotic flora, Pandan, and so on. You also can visit Elephant Training Centre and Sumatera Rhino Sanctuary and know the procedure of their training, their preservation, and even see the life of them.

Way Kambas Park Activities
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As we already said before, Way Kambas National Park Lampung includes the home of various flora and fauna and also training centre and preservation for Sumatera endemic animals. The activities of Way Kambas Park among others are held elephants football competition every evening which related to elephant development program, told conservation issues, wild animal preservation, and park reserve to the guests.

Way Kambas Park Tours
Way kambas park has a lot of things to see, start from Elephant Training Centre, Sumatera Rhino Sanctuary, and see the wild animals live in their habit, live from the forests in Way Kambas Park. In this case, if you need Way Kambas National park tours, you can talk with the staff from the park and ask for the trip. They will offer you lot of options. You can also do a tour from a travel agency.

Tips to Enter Way Kambas Park
Before you want to tour around Way Kambas Park, you have to get the allowance in the gate. You can also ask for the allowance to Natural Resources Conservation Hall of Bandar Lampung. You don’t have to be worry that they will not serve you. The staff was very kind and excited to know that you are interested in going to Way Kambas Park.

Hotels Around Way Kambas
There are many options for you to stay in Way Kambas area. You can choose Way Kanan Resort for which is one of the way kambas national park hotels. If you want to challenge yourself, try Way Kambas National Park Camping Ground to get nearer to nature.

By this article about Way Kambas National Park Lampung, we hope it finds useful for you. For the further information about way kambas tour, you can search the tour agency that provides way kambas park as one of the tourist destinations.

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