Wasur National Park with Astonishing Biodiversity

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Wasur National Park
Wasur National Park

Wasur National Park is located the most eastern Indonesia end which becomes part of Merauke Regency and direct border to the Papua New Guinea area. It is included as part of the largest wetland which can be found in Papua. People will not find too many human activities in this area. It becomes the home for various kinds of flora and fauna which has very large number. That is the reason why the national park is called as The Serengeti of Papua. There is no question that the biodiversity in this area has high value and must be astonishing.

Wasur national park with 413,810 hectares total area that includes Sota, Merauke, and also Naukenjerai districts, people can find the low lying area with swamps, savannah, rivers which are moving slowly, and also forests. The river will cover much of the land area especially during the wet season. Terminalia, Malaleuca, and mangroves species are dominating the plants in this area.

This area becomes the paradise for the bird watchers because Wasur National Park becomes the habitat of up to 358 bird species. Of course people cannot just only find various bird species because it is also the habitat for about 111 species of fish. Various species of crab and lobster can also be found in this area. There are at least three wallaby species, sugar gliders, cassowary, cuscuses, saltwater crocodile, Papuan fresh water crocodile, and many more can also be found living in this area.

Wasur National Park
When people are visiting this area, they should go to the southern part of the national park because there will be more coastal areas as well as grassland areas so they will be able to enjoy the best wildlife spotting experience. The vast open wetland especially around the Rawa Biru Lake becomes great attraction for a lot of water fowl which includes the migrant birds. Migrant birds are not the only wildlife which can be found in this area because people will also be able to meet other stunning wildlife including cassowaries as well as wallabies. People will be able to make observation of many kinds of animal in the natural habitat in one place. People can trek for about 2-3 hours from Rawa Biru Lake to Prem for observing the birds as well as wallabies which are living in the small savannah surrounded by the water. They can get access to monsoon forest areas near the center of the national park, Yanggadur village. In the forest, they can observe various kinds of exotic birds,enjoy your adventure in wasur national park.

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