Visiting India? Take a Look to These Places

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Visiting India Take a Look to These Places
Visiting India Take a Look to These Places

Visiting India, India is a large country with tons of attractions. The attraction is not just about the Bollywood movies. More than it, it also has tons of tourism attraction. If this is the first time for you to visit India, knowing about what to visit is really important. There will be tons of questions about it too. But there is nothing to worry. If you want to visit India, these destinations can be the good consideration.

Some tourist destination when visiting India 
City Palace
City Palace is a living place of the royal family of Jaipur. As one of the richest noble in India, you can expect for the glamour and the luxury architecture and home decoration. This palace also has the large garden. The building combined Rajasthan and Mughal architecture, one that you will expect to see in your tour india. Beauty is one thing that you will find for sure. More than it, it also has museum complex and take a look to the art gallery, royal clothing and weapons.

Galta Monkey Temple
Visiting India dont forget go to this place.Galta Monkey Temple is a Hindu temple that located between the steep cliffs. You need to take the great effort to reach this place. But your effort is not in vain. In here, you can see the large temple complex with 3 holy ponds. Uniquely, one of them was taken by thousands of monkeys.

Hawa Mahal
Unique, this is the first impression of Hawa Mahal. If you visit Jaipur, this is the most famous place to visit. It has 5 floors and was built in 1799. The architecture is unique. You can see a row of windows on the front side. With this architecture, wind can come in easily. This is why it also known as the Palace of the Wind and become a must visited place in the tour india.

Taj Mahal
Talking about India, Taj Mahal will always be a must visited place. The name of Taj Mahal is so famous. But the beauty of the building is just one thing about Taj Mahal. This building is also has the romantic history about Maharaja Shah Jahan with his wife, Mumtaz Mahal. In fact, Taj Mahal was built to remember his wife when she was died. If you want to visit it, you can go to Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Mehrangarh Fort
The phenomenal fort, this is what you will think about this fort. This building is really huge, but the impressive thing about this fort is about the location. This fort was built on the hill or about 122 meter on the city. In your tour india, make sure to add this place into your list.

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