Travel To China, Tour Guiding Tips

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Travel To China, Tour Guiding Tips
Travel To China, Tour Guiding Tips

Travel To China, Tour Guiding Tips
Will you spend your holiday in China?. If yes, travel to china can be wonderful for you if you know when and what places to visit. Travel to China is not always bad decision even China can be included to your touring list because of its spectacular destinations. Also, we are sure that you would not waste your travel time on a marginal destination in this world. Thus, we have some considerations for you about some of China travel packages and China’s most popular destinations which represent the best value for the fund reason.

Travel To China

SHANGHAI Prosperous Largest City
Travel to China can be unforgettable experience by visiting Shanghai. This is a familiar city in China that can rival Paris and New York in terms of modernity. It includes as the second largest city proper in the world after Mumbai. This is proved by the wonderful night scenes in the Huangpu River and also the ambitious skyline in the Economic Zone. Even when you see all specta- lights covers this city with the immense towers dance in unison. Also, the bund can be also considered. This is a city waterfront that offers a real illustration of culture between West and East cultures through a vary of amazing colonial architectural. Find the beauty and modern city atmosphere by visiting the Huangpu River Cruise, Yuyuan Garden and also Jade Buddha Temple.

GUILIN with Stunning Karst Landscape
When travel to China, Guilin is ought to be include to your tourism list. For those who love so much with limestone views, Guilin is the most perfect destination for you. This is known as the most beautiful places on earth with its marvelous limestone views around it. Beside of that, Longsheng and Yangshuo also offers you unlimited views that is extremely suitable for most of backpackers. It is situated west from Hong Kong, and need at least an hour through air to reach this spot.

BEIJING For Modern Ancient Capital
Beijing is the capital of China that stores a lot of is ancient and modern history. If you visit Beijing, be sure to step on the Great Wall of China that stores a unique legendary. It is like a hystorial defense for the China’s society in the past. Instead, The Temple of Heaven can be the next travel route, this is a fascinating site of imperial worship that stores many histories inside the building. Other Beijing spots to be considered when travel to China i.e. the super-modern Olympic Village,; the dazzling shopping malls in Wangfujing Street, Water Cube and Bird’s Nest Stadium, Houhai entertainment center so on. Well, we hope that travel to china can be unforgettable experience not only for me but also for this site’s readers.

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