Tour to Europe The Attractive Spots in Europe

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Tour to europe , the attactive tourism spots in Europe. Holiday abroad is really interesting. You can see the new things and learn something new. It opens your mind and give you more view about the world. If you interested, there are tons of tourism attractions out there. But if you interested with Europe, this is not a bad choice. This continent is also fully with attraction and the unique culture. If you plan your next holiday to this continent, you can consider these places.

Tour to Europe The Attractive Spots in Europe
Tour to Europe The Attractive Spots in Europe

tour to europe

Sagrada Familia, Spain
Unique and gothic, maybe this is the first impression about this place. This church was designed by Antoni Gaudi and become one of the popular tourism attraction in Barcelona, Spain. The impression of the middle age is really strong. The architecture is majestic and artistic. If you interested with historical places and art, this is the right place to visit. Beside it, as the part of the tour to Europe, it can also be a perfect religious tour.

Santorini, Greece
This place has known as a romantic tourism destination in Europe, just like Paris in France. If you are looking for an alternative destination, this place can be a good candidate. Santorini also known as an island of honeymoon. Every year, there are many new bride visiting this place. The location is pretty far from Greek mainland. At least, it was 200 km from the Greek mainland. But landscape is not the only attraction of this island. It also known as the best place to get the quality wine. There also historic sites here. When you visit this place, you have to try this one. Try to visit Oia in the evening. This is the best place to enjoy sunset. With all of those attractions, tour to Europe will never complete without visiting this place.

Louvre Museum, France
If you interested with art, Louvre Museum in France is the best place to get it. The world class art is available in here. At least, there are more than 35,000 art collection from prehistoric era until 19th century can be seen in this museum. The building of the Louvre Museum is also attractive and beautiful. At first, Louvre Palace is a fort. In August 10, 1793, it became a museum. In that time, there is only 537 of painting here. And now, the number is growing until 380,000 collection and 35,000 arts. If you think there are only France arts in here, you are wrong. There also ancient Egypt collection, Islam art and many more. This is why it becomes a perfect destination in the tour to europe.

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