Toba Lake North Sumatra Things That Can Make You Fall In Love

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Toba Lake North Sumatra
Toba Lake North Sumatra

Toba Lake North Sumatra is one of the tourist destinations in North Sumatra, Indonesia. Toba Lake also considers as one of the magnificent lakes in Indonesia. Made from the eruption of tectovulcanic, the lake is the biggest in Indonesia with 100 kilometres of length and 30 kilometres of wide. To know more about Toba Lake, look out to this article of Toba Lake which also includes Lake Toba hotels for you to know.

5 Things You Should Know About Toba Lake

In Toba Lake North Sumatra, there are a lot of the things you should know. Besides the beauty of the Toba Lake, you may also want to know another tourists destination around this lake such as Prapat Hanging Stone, Piso-Piso Waterfall, Samosir Island, Tomok Tourist Village and Pangaruruan Hot Water Bath. There you go see the explanations of Toba Lake splendours.

1. Prapat Hanging Stone
Danau Toba Sumatra Utara
One of the iconic tourist destinations around Toba Lake is Prapat Hanging Stone. Tourist will be attracted by the stone because of the hanging stone which looks like as a girl hangs in the up of the stone. Despite that, the road where Prapat Hanging Stone there was one of the ways for local people when they want to go to Toba Lake.

2. Binangalon Waterfall
Toba Lake North Sumatra Island
Located in Lumban District, Binangalon waterfall is upstream of Toba lake north Sumatra. When the water flow and drops to the inundation, it directly goes to the Toba Lake. The clement condition in Binangalon Waterfall makes everyone didn’t want to go everywhere. They want to stay and enjoy water rustling of Binangalon waterfall. Although that, need 1 hour 30 minutes from Toba Lake to go to this place.

3. Samosir Island
Toba Lake has surrounded this island and give the perfect view to be seen. Samosirislandprovides us lot of entertainment such as view to Toba Lake, children playing in blue colour of inundation, the vast field of green grass, and so on. The island also serves us with the best hospitality such as Samosir Villas, and many restaurants with international and traditional food.

4. Tomok Tourist Village
In Samosir Island, we can found Samosir Villas as one of the Lake Toba hotels. Also in Samosir Island, there is Tomok Tourist Village where you can learn about the history of Toba Lake, seeing the architecture of Batak building, and know the unique and mysterious statue which known as si Gale-gale. You can also learn how to weave traditional Batak fabric called Ulos.

5. Pangaruruan Hot Water Bath
Pangururuan Hot Water Bath located in Pangururuan, Samosir Regency. There are not so many people went to this hot water bath because the popularity is not famous as Toba Lake. But this hot water bath is worth to try to keep your body relax and to eliminate skin disease with its sulfur content.

Above were the tourist destinations to be enjoyed when you were around Toba Lake North Sumatra. For the Lake Toba Map, you can find that in tourist object stand. They will help you by giving that to you. Good luck.

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