Tanah Lot Temple, A Paradise From Bali Island Indonesia

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Tanah Lot Temple Bali Island
Tanah Lot Temple Bali Island

Tanah Lot Temple
located in Bali. That place is one of some destination in Indonesia which offer the beautiful view, especially a beauty of the beach. One of the most famous places in Bali is Tanah Lot beach. In addition to the landscape of beaches, there is also a religious tourist destination for Buddhists. Do you want to know some facts about that’s destination? In this article will describe some points about Tanah Lot.

4 Facts About Tanah Lot Temple

1. Three Destination In One Place
Tanah Lot tour Is a fantastic journey for everyone who visits it. An appeal of not only exotic Tanah Lot Temple that stands firmly on the big rock. Tanah Lot more charming with the background panoramic beach views. Especially as the twilight comes, so sacred, mystical, and thrilling. For Hindu tourists can travel while praying at the temple of Tanah Lot. But if you are a Muslim or Christiani, you may see how a Buddhist Praying.

2. The way to the temple will disappear if the water is rising.
The temple located in the middle of the sea. No need to use a boat, tourists can walk to the Tanah Lot temple when the sea water was receding. However, the streets will cover with water during high tide. Tanah Lot looks like a small island floating in the ocean in the distance. When this happens, tourists can only see Tanah Lot Temple from a distance. Or if allowed there will be a boat that transport tourists to the temple.

3. The Most Attractive Point Of Tanah Lot Bali
Along the road to the tourist attractions of Tanah Lot, there are many inns. Tourist attractions in Bali are very crowded tourists especially in the afternoon, before sunset. The tourist may experience the sensation of enjoying Tanah Lot Sunset with a romantic atmosphere. Also along the road sold sculptures, paintings, fabrics beach, knick-knacks, and accessories such as in Bali Sukawati art market. The price is low for domestic and foreign tourists.

4. Tanah Lot Bali Still Have A Mystic Power
Sea snakes have characteristics, flat-tailed fish like black coloured yellow. According to the story, the sea snake is the incarnation of a shawl of temple’s founder. He is a Brahmin from Java who wanders into Bali. He was named Dang Yang Nirartha. It said that the snake called a sacred Tanah Lot temple guards. Some people who lived around there, the snake was live for more one hundred years. But for your secure, you should not find out the existence of the snake directly.

If you want to travel to Tanah Lot Temple, please make a plan first. Find out some information about that place. Then, when you go there, please be an honourable tourist and speak politely cause the function of this temple often used as a place of worship of a god. But many other tourists too who visit this place to see how to do the ritual. Pura’s Tanah Lot is offer much traditional value especially to foreign tourism who exactly did not know anything about the norm in Bali.

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