Taman Nusa Cultural Park Bali

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Taman Nusa Cultural Park
Taman Nusa Cultural Park

Taman nusa cultural park becomes the new attraction which people should visit when they are in Bali. People maybe are more familiar with Taman Mini Indonesia Indah in Jakarta which becomes the miniature park of Indonesia. The cultural park which is built in Bali displays the traditional houses kaleidoscope from many different islands in the archipelago. Visitors will also be able to meet the deep rooted tradition as well as culture in the large tropical country. This cultural park is pretty new because it was opened on 10 July 2013.

Taman Nusa Cultural Park Location
Finding Taman nusa cultural park will not be hard because it is located in Sidan village near the Gianyar town on 15 hectares of land. It is situated on the lush mountain side near this area and it is also cut by the Melangit River which can be found in south east of Bali. It will be a great place for visitors to educate and know further about the multicultural unity which can be found in Indonesia. Several stages of the archipelago history which is very long can be found in Taman Nusa. People will be able to find the stages from the prehistoric past of Indonesia. The story about the Bronze Age history can also be found in this place. The mighty kingdom age of Indonesia can also be found as part of this cultural park. It is represented by the Borobudur temple construction as well as the Majapahit kingdom which has very powerful story for uniting large part of Indonesia. Visitors will also be brought to know more about the colonial period as well as independence age. The story about Indonesia history is finished with the vision on future Indonesia.

Taman Nusa Cultural Park.
Taman nusa cultural park Indonesia has varied cultural backgrounds with different cultural product including traditional houses. In Taman Nusa cultural park, visitors will be able to see about 60 traditional houses which are built in the actual sizes. The traditional houses come from Balinese village to the Javanese pendopo. The identification of the structure architecture can be seen from the influence of Hindu as well Buddhist features, elements of Islam, colonial mansion with Duth style, touch of Chinese, and also the modern architecture. Exploring all of those traditional and historical stages in the area must be very interesting but visitors are still able to enhance the cultural experience because this cultural park is completed with exhibition hall, auditorium with large size, rest areas, six studios, souvenir shops, and also two restaurants. People can enjoy both Indonesian food and international cuisine in taman nusa cultural park.

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