Suluban Beach: The Secluded Paradise

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Suluban Beach The Secluded Paradise
Suluban Beach The Secluded Paradise

Suluban beach maybe is one from many beaches which can be found in Bali. Nevertheless, there is no question that people really have to visit Suluban beach if they want to enjoy the perfect paradise in Bali. It is true that Bali is well known of the iconic beach, Kuta beach. It becomes great option for people because they can access it easily with very wide white sand beach and many accommodations supports which are easy to find. Suluban beach maybe is secluded but it is worth it to follow the path to meet the spectacular beach view which can offer great experience as well.

There is no question that the beach brings visitors the combination between the paradise for surfer since it has world class waves which are thrilling as well as the scenery which will drop their jaw although it has secluded location. It can be secluded but it does not mean that people have to follow long and difficult road to reach the beach. The beach is not far from the popular Uluwatu Temple which becomes one of unique temple with sophisticated view. If people are looking for the famous surf break of Uluwatu, this is the place where people should go for sure. The beach is situated at the Pecatu village and people will be able to find the fact that there is breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean which can be seen from the beach. This is the perfect place for enjoying the view of amazing sunset as well as the serene atmosphere. This is surely kind of combination which can bring the romantic aura.

Suluban Beach
Right from the beginning when visitors want to approach the beach, they will meet the amazing view of white rock cliffs. They have to descend for about 50 meters down to the shore for finding the white sandy beach which comes vast combined with the turquoise blue water. The wave of course will be very attractive part of this beach because it can reach 3-12 feet which can give perfect experience for advanced or professional surfers. Dry season which occurs during April to August must be the perfect season for enjoying the best surfing experience in this beach. Suluban beach is also known as Blue Point Beach because they have to pass through the Blue Point Villa which is located on the top of the cliff first before they can go down to the beach. There is no doubt that best surfing experience and romantic getaway will be offered by suluban beach.

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