Senggigi beach is one of the most favorite destinations

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Senggigi beach is one of the most favorite destinations
Senggigi beach is one of the most favorite destinations

Senggigi beach is one of the most favorite destinations among tourists according to the tour of Indonesia. Senggigi beach has length approximately 10 kilometers and when you are there it was like seeing the most beautiful background made of nature. The sand is white and some black, so the beach is a bit different that the other beaches. Although this place is the most favorite places and crowded, the water at the Senggigi beach still preserve clarity. When the waves are good, the surfers will surf all day long here. The good waves always come during the summer season. As well as the snorkeling sports, you can do it here in peace because the waves are not dangerous even for beginners though.

Other beautiful scenes at Senggigi Beach
Besides the Senggigi beach has a long coastline that scenery horizon, mountain ranges, and the fresh air is a pity to be missed even though just a second. This beach is one of the famous locations for tour of Indonesia that you should not miss. If you are the lovers of photography, you certainly do not want to miss the sunset views. Reddish sky and the sun slowly sink into the end of the beach is one of the natural even that deserves to be awaited and immortalized. Apparently that is the appeal of this beach in the eyes of the tourists. Then there is no harm if you exercised the afternoon at the beach. Many people who come here during the afternoon for jogging or doing other sports.

The transportation to Senggigi Beach
As quite favorite tourist destination, the route to Senggigi beach is easy. There are several public transportation options that you use, depends on where you start. If you are from the international airport of Lombok, you take about 2 hours to arrive at the beach. If your troop or group, you better use the service of chartered car.

The rates offered about 300 thousands rupiahs. But if you are alone or just with a few people, you better use Damri bus because it requires less expensive cost. Probably now it requires about 30 thousand rupiahs to arrive at the beach. Then, if you are from Mataram you can ride public transportation with several times changing vehicles. The cost required is probably about 20 to 30 thousands rupiahs. But if you want to quickly get there without changing any vehicle, just ride a taxi. It is worth it to visit the most visit-able tour of Indonesia and enjoy your vacation in Senggigi beach.

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