Safari Park Bogor A Great Place to Explore with Family

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Safari Park Bogor
Safari Park Bogor

Safari Park Bogor a great place to explore with family. Indonesia is one of the countries that have many attractive tourism places to visit, especially about its natural beauty, which one of them is Safari Park Bogor. It locates in Cisarua, Bogor, West Java. What makes Safari different than any other animal parks is that the animals are not kept in a cage. Instead, you may feed them through your car’s windows (for certain animals). For the domestic people, you only need to pay 140 to 150 thousands rupiah while for the foreigners is around 250 thousand rupiah.

Follow some great tips to do at Safari Park Bogor below.
When you visit this place, make sure you are already well-prepared by following some useful tips below as your guide in visiting this huge animal park.

1. Transportation
One of the most important things you need to consider before visiting this Safari Park Bogor is the transportation, specifically a car. Here, you will have round 45 to 60 minutes driving to pass through many kinds of animal. Thus, it is recommended for you to prepare your private car. However, if you don’t own any, the Safari side will provide you with a public bus so that you can enjoy the trip to see many animals, like zebra, elephants, rhinoceros, even tiger and lion.

2. Time management
Since it is one of the best places to visit, there will be many people from many parts of the world that come to this huge animal park. To prevent any traffic or long queue, then it is highly recommended for you to come earlier. If it requires a long time to arrive here, then you may come a day before and stay a night in a hotel with family. There will be lots of activities to do in Safari Park Bogor, thus make sure you have enough time to explore everything and have a great time with your family.

3. Buy animals food
On the way heading to this Cisarua animal park, you will find lots of street vendor who sold animals food, like green vegetables, carrots and many others. In the park, you will be allowed to feed several herbivore animals. Then, it would be great for you to buy some of the veggies to feed the animals and feel the sensations of feeding these wild animals through your car’s windows.

4. Bring important stuff
Since you come with family members who usually consists of kids, then you need to make sure that you have prepared all of the stuff properly. For instance, you may bring the special medications and lunch meal that you make at home instead of buying some in the Safari Park Bogor restaurants. You can save some money and have a nice and delicious lunch meal after enjoying the attractions from the Safari animals.

Those are some important tips that you need to prepare before you come and start your journey in Safari Park Bogor. As mentioned before, this animal park is of the best recommended one since it doesn’t merely consist of thousands of animals, but also it provides some entertaining and attractive performances from the animals along with their professional’s trainers.

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