Ratu Boko, the Glory in a Peaceful Hill

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Ratu Boko
Ratu Boko

Ratu Boko is a complex of elegant and great palace that had been built in the century of eight. The building of Ratu Boko can be said to be the greatest building in the era. It is built one of founder’s relatives Borobudur Temple. This building saves so many historical stories and mystery myth. If you like history, this is being the appropriate tourism destination for everyone.

Mystery Story
Ratu Boko is a great building established in the government of Rakai Panangkaran. This is built to be place to focus on the spiritual life. Living in the palace can feel peace and calm and see the scenery of Yogyakarta and Prambanan temple. This temple saves mystery stories in which it has a relationship between Merapi Volcano Mountain and Parangtritis beach. It means that you can get a straight line of those places. In addition, this temple is located in 196 meters from the surface of sea. It has large and wide area divided into center, east, south and west. The center area consists of the main gate, a yield and Pembakaran temple. Meanwhile, south area includes a hall, buildings, pond, three temples and Keputren complex. The complex of cave and pond are in the east area. The west area is only hills.

Magnificent Scenery from Height
Being a most wanted tourism destination makes it always look magnificent. When you visited to the Ratu Boko, you will go to the central area directly through a palace gate. Two high gates will welcome you. The first gate has three doors and second one has five doors. If you are careful, the first gate has a word of Panabwara. The aim of words is to give strength to the gate in which the building is the main gate and building in the temple. A mystery hell can be found if you walk from Pembakaran temple. This is a holy hell in which it is often used by local people. The people claimed that it gives fortunate for them.

Stepping to the east are will fond two caves and big ponds. You can see the historical view of those buildings. Hinduism elements are very close and identical to ratu boko because it is built in the era. It offers great scenery from the height because ratu boko is located in the height and bills. Do not forget to bring camera to capture every amazing single moment in the temple. Visit it right now and learn some historical learning from this temple.

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