Pulo Cinta Gorontalo, the Lovely Beautiful Island

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Pulo Cinta Gorontalo
Pulo Cinta Gorontalo

Pulo Cinta Gorontalo, the Lovely Beautiful Island.You can’t argue that Indonesia has so many beautiful, amazing and extraordinary places. It’s a God’s gift that we must be grateful for it. Pulo Cinta Gorontalo, as one of Indonesia’s miracle, must be considered to your holiday place list, especially for you, couples. Let’s check it out soon.

Make Your Memorable Experience at Pulo Cinta Gorontalo.
Pulo Cinta, or in English is “Love island”, is an island that located on Pulo Balomeo, Gorontalo, Sulawesi. It becomes a right place for a quality time, a honeymoon and relaxing from daily activities. Pulo Cinta is built with beautiful architecture. You can see whole island design of Pulo Cinta forming a love heart shape, as a love sign of the island. We can see many other interesting about Pulo Cinta below, and also the Pulo Cinta tourism package.

1. A Story Behind Pulo Cinta
Pulo Cinta Gorontalo Tourist Destination
There is a reason why this island is named “Pulo Cinta” or “Love Island”. Based on local myth, there was a war between Gorontalo’s Kingdom and Invaders. The young Prince of Gorontalo met the beautiful daughter of a Dutch trader and fell in love with her. To express their love, they escape to Pulo Cinta. There, they can be couples and live happily ever after. What a sweet story of Pulo Cinta Gorontalo.

2. The Whole Things You Can Get From Pulo Cinta
Pulo Cinta Gorontalo Tourism Package

Pulo Cinta Gorontalo is like a private island. It contains many rooms which we can stay for a holiday. Their facilities are luxury. You can stay in bedroom villas, with different size. Inside them, you will get facilities 100% solar energy, a spacious living area with full height windows, private sun deck, built-in audio system, fresh water shower, organic toiletries products, 40” LED TV with international channels and wireless internet connection, no matter how large is your room.

Besides the facilities, you will also get an exclusive condition that you can’t get in many places, that is a beautiful beach scenery. The sunrise and the sunset are amazing guarantees. If you like diving and snorkeling, you can do it at Pulo Cinta. Bonus, if you do it with your couple, it will be a romantic moment.

3. How to Get to Pulo Cinta
Pulo Cinta Gorontalo Tour Travel
Go to Pulo Cinta is easy. The first step how to reach Pulo Cinta is by airplane. Take a flight to Jalaluddin airport. After that, go to Boalemo harbor about 2 hours by car. Then, wait about 25 minutes and take a boat trip to the hidden paradise, Pulo Cinta.

4. Prepare the Cost to Stay at Pulo Cinta
Beauty must be paid by much more cost. You need much cost if you want to get and stay at Pulo Cinta. The Pulo Cinta eco-resort price is so expensive. It will need around IDR 3 million to book eco-resort or inn at Pulo Cinta. We recommend you to take tourism package, it will take lower cost than regular package.

But, even though Pulo Cinta inn price is so high, we guess it’s comparable to what you get from Pulo Cinta, the hidden paradise provide so many memorable love story.

Sometimes, you need to express your love by traveling. Pulo Cinta Gorontalo is the right place for you, couples to have a holiday and quality time to build chemistry. We will wait for your memorable story from there.

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