Pindul Cave, Yogyakarta

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pindul cave yogyakarta
pindul cave yogyakarta

Pindul cave is being the popular tourism destination in Indonesia. It is located in Karang Mojo, Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta. You can feel the sensation in a river in the cave with float. It will go along the darkness of cave with the natural creation of staklaktit and staglamit. It will be unforgettable moment in exploring Pindul Cave in Gunung Kidul. If you love adventuring, it is the right tourism destination that you visited. Here are some things about this destination.

Challenging Activities in Pindul Cave
When you follow the flow of river in the cave with boats, it will be a common activity to do. However, it will be the most wonderful activity in Pindul Cave. This is a pleasant action and can be a good challenge to beat your passion and fear. A Pindul cave is one cave of seven cave series with underground rivers. By visiting to this place, you will get the distinct experience in tourism destination. You will spend the time almost 1 hour to explore the cave in the darkness. You should wear floats in order that you are still safety.

Pindul Cave
The challenging activities can combine body rafting and caving activities. It is called cave tubing. You do not need special preparation to do cave tubing in Pindul cave. You need only several equipments including head lamp, floats and life vest. Those have been provided by managers of Pindul cave. The flow of an underground river is safe to do by everyone including adults and children. The best time to do cave tubing is at morning around 9 am to 10 am. It is because the water is not too cold. If the weather is sunny, there will appear heaven light from sunshine breaking the cave through slots in the cave.

Cave Tubing Package
When you visited to Pindul Cave, you will do cave tubing. It has been explained before. Cave tubing is slightly similar to the rafting. If the rafting is an activity following river’s flow with boat, cave tubing is an activity of exploring the cave with floats. It is because the flow of an underground river is calm so that it is possible to do cave tubing. The cave tubing can be done adults, children and beginners. To have cave tubing, it is important to provide money and rent a guide. You may rent cave tubing package there. The package includes guide service, equipments of cave tubing like floats, life vest, head lamp, and float jacket, insurance and the cost.

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