Papua Tourism Destinations

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Must Visited Papua Tourism Destinations
Must Visited Papua Tourism Destinations

Papua tourism destinations. Papua is the largest region in Indonesia and located at the eastern of this country. Unlike Java or Bali, Papua is not that crowded. In fact, it stills difficult to access. This island can be reached only by plane and ship. The transportation is still limited and with the difficult field, it makes mobilization looks very difficult. Maybe it looks a pity, but Papua is like a hidden treasure. Deep inside the island, you will see the beauty that you never seen before.

Papua Tourism Destinations.

Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat is an icon of Papua. In the tour of Indonesia, you will it as a must visited tourism spot. The beauty of Raja Ampat is located at the coral reefs. There are about 75% of the world’s coral reef here. More than it, Raja Ampat also has the variety of water fauna too. As a diving and snorkeling spot, Raja Ampat is one of the best places in the world.

Sentani Lake
Sentani Lake is the largest lake at Papua. It is about 9.369 hectare and located 50 km from Jayapura. This is the unseen beauty. When you visit it, you will understand it. This place is so natural and untouchable. The natural beauty is one thing that you will see for sure. At least, there are 21 islands here. Tourists can do many things in here. Swimming, fishing and enjoying the delicious food, you can do it all. If you want to visit it, make sure to do it in June. In that time, you can see Festival Sentani Lake.

Jayawijaya Mountain
In the tour of Indonesia, Jayawijaya Mountain will always be one of the most favorite tourism destinations. The top of Jayawijaya Mountain also known as the eternal snow. In Indonesia, snow is a strange phenomenon. But it can be possible only in one condition. The mountain must be really high for this. This is why Jayawijaya Mountain also known as one of the highest mountain in the world. For hiking lover, this place will always be a must visited tourism spot.

National Park Bay Paradise
National Park Bay Paradise, this is one of the most beautiful places in Papua. This national park was located on 1.453.500 hectare area and dominated by water. For this, it also known as the largest marine conservation at Indonesia. There are 196 species of Mollusca and 209 species of fish. Even there also turtle, shark, tortoise and dolphin in here. With those attractions, National Park Bay Paradise becomes one of the popular diving and snorkeling destinations. If you are looking for tour of Indonesia, do not forget to add Papua tourism destinations.

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