Papua New Guinea Destinations You Really Need To Visit

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Papua New Guinea destinations.It’s time to you to listing where you will spend your holiday. If you still confusing to choose trip around Europe or trip around the USA either, just forget it for awhile. Your holiday should be pointing on fantastic, astonish, and fun of course. So here is another heaven place in Southeast Asia which had that three points and recommended for your beautiful holiday, Papua New Guinea. Although this country contiguous with side west of Indonesia and has Australia land on its south, it doesn’t matter because Papua New Guinea destinations are owning its original exotic view and culture which specifically as the Commonwealth country.

Papua New Guinea destinations
Papua New Guinea destinations

This country really well-off by culture and biodiversity. By visiting this country, however, you do not get only the holiday, but you will learn too about how this country got its liberated in the past time. And also about the biodiversity, this is a kind of uninteresting country for the explorers before. But now different already because now many science explorers struggle to obtain a goal of new plant and domestic animal invention. This condition advantage over for the tourism business of Papua New Guinea holiday destinations because the travel agent can offer another holiday sense to the tourists. So many destinations you can visit only on one trip and all of those destinations guaranteed will not make you disappointing.

The place you need to visit in Papua New Guinea destinations:

1.)    Port Moresby
port moresby

Spend your holiday in another country will be incomplete if you don’t visit the capital. Here Port Moresby is Papua New Guinea’s capital. In this city, you can learn about Papua New Guinea history such as the colonialism era until this country liberated from Indonesia and joined the Commonwealth country under the United Kingdom. You can take so many beautiful pictures with historical building here, some side of Port Moresby look alike so classic to be modern.

2.)    Vanimo Beach
vanimo beach

Papua New Guinea destinations vanimo beach
If you are a surfing enthusiast, visiting Vanimo Beach is a must. This beach had a location in the north of Papua New Guinea. As a Papua New Guinea tourism destination, Vanimo Beach always busy with surfer because this beach has a big wave which good for surfing activities. You are not only can be surfing, but many water sport does, some guide in this beach lend some package for water sport’s equipment that you need.

3.)    Mount Ibu
mount ibu

mount ibu papua new guinea
This one is an active volcano mountain in Papua New Guinea with a small eruption. If you are lucky, when visiting this mountain you can see lava eruption with clamorous sound.

4.)    Sepik River
sepik river

sepik river papua new guinea
Almost every country has the longest river, so does with Papua New Guinea. Sepik River is the longest river in this country. If you visit this river, you can trip follow the river flow. And for you who like to hunting, Sepik River is the best place to does. Because the river’s guide also guiding for forest hunter.

5.)    Oro Fjord
oro fjord

oro fjord papua new guinea
If you want to meet with domestic ethnic and see how the national culture goes, visit Oro Fjord. Around these areas where the domestic ethnic lives. There is also the guide that they will explain to you about the Oro Fjord.

Your holiday satisfaction fully guaranteed if you visit those Papua New Guinea best destinations although only once in your life. Visiting that five destinations not only make you happy but also adding your knowledge.

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