Pandawa Beach in South Bali

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Pandawa Beach in South Bali
Pandawa Beach in South Bali

Pandawa Beach becomes the next popular beach destination which is offered by Bali Island. This beach can be the proof that the attraction of the island of paradise is almost endless. People all around the world are amazed with the beautiful natural landscape which is combined with multiple cultural activities as well as structures of ancient religion which can be found in thick atmosphere in the island. When people are talking about beach in Bali, people usually will refer to the Kuta Beach or Dreamland beach but there are still other beautiful beaches which can be found in Bali including Pandawa Beach.

Pandawa beach is also called as the Secret Beach because it is located in pretty secluded area in the Kutuh village in Southern Bali. It is hidden behind the high cliffs as well as the shrub which is overgrown so it is secluded for long enough time from the crowds moreover since the path to access the beach is far from easiness. Nevertheless, nowadays visitors will not find difficulty to access the beach because the Badung Regency Administration has opened the access roads with about 1.5 kilometers long. There is no doubt that it becomes great decision because there is potential which can be found in the pristine as well as majestic beauty of the beach. It is not only kind of road to the hidden paradise because it is also seen as beautiful road which can send people to enjoy the further beauty of paradise. Indeed, the road is cut between the rugged cliffs of limestone. It means that when passing through the road, people will see the cliffs rise on the both sides of the road. Five statues which are carved to the cliffs will greet the visitors when they are getting closer to the beach. They are the statues of five brothers, Panca Pandawa.

Pandawa beach, people will not meet any view unless the cliff side along the road until it is opened out to the spectacular view of the beach. People will get amazed with the pure white sand beach which spread along the beach. Of course people must not forget about the fresh blue ocean water with hypnotic waves which meet the blue sky. Once people arrived at the beach, they have to be prepared to get wet for enjoying various water activities including sunbathing or water sports. People can also check the seaweed cultivation and Melasti ceremony which is held once a year around March. Enjoyed holiday in pandawa beach.

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