Ora Beach Maluku, Beauty View and Home of Thousands Creature

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Ora Beach Maluku Island
Ora Beach Maluku Island

Ora Beach Maluku offers you very serenely blue colour of water and home for you to stay and view the incredible beach to get the tranquility from Maluku. Maluku is never run out the fantastic natural attractions, and one of them is Ora beach Maluku. Ora Beach often is considered as Indonesia’s Maladewa, because the water, the richness of the undersea creature, add to the home that builds upon the beach will impress the tourists. Then if you want to know the information, read this article about ora beach Maluku includes How to get to ora beach.

What Should You Know and Do in Ora Beach Maluku

There are the lot of things of Ora Beach Maluku you should understand to get the happy holiday on the beach. You have to know such thing as ora beach location and how to get to Ora Beach, resort around ora beach, attractions of ora beach, and tips when you go to ora beach. See the explanations below about ora beach to get completed arrangements to go to ora beach in Maluku.

Ora Beach Location and General Information
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Ora Beach is located in the Salem Village, North Seram Regency, Maluku. Before became famous like now, Ora Beach is just an ordinary beach which only grew popular for native people around there. But after Instagram is booming and traveling is one of the new hobbies of millennial people, Ora Beach view and beauty showed to the Instagram and people tend to build resort or service around Ora Beach.

Ora Beach Attractions
In ora beach Maluku, you can see a lot of biota and coral reef under the sea. It is the perfect place for diving and snorkeling. You have to get down 2-3 meters to meet the sea creatures with the sun glazing to the water. You can also see the view of Ora Beach wider by rent the motorboat. At the time you tour, you will pass Selawi Lake and see the process of sago’s making in the edge of the lake.

Way to Ora Beach
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Since the beach is located in the village, a lot of tourist wonder on how to get to ora beach. It’s quite easy for you to arrive at Ora Beach. From Pattimura Airport Ambon, you have to go to Tulehu Port. After arriving in Tulehu Port, you have to go to Amahai Port to get to Sawai Village, and then take a motorboat to go go to Seram Village.

Ora Beach resort
There are so many choices for you to pick the resort. It is such as Ora Beach Resort which stands upon the Beach, Ora Beach Eco Resort, and so on. If you want to book the resort for a holiday, we suggest you make Ora Beach resort Maluku booking to ensure you had them earlier.

Tips in Ora Beach
Be sure that you have a good health condition because of the long journey from town to the village. And it’s better for you to make a group and follow an open trip to Ora Beach. The diving or snorkeling tools can be rent in some of the stands. Don’t forget to not throwing garbage carelessly.

Those were the information about Ora Beach Maluku. The amazing view will always invite you back even when you didn’t have time to go there. To search resort around the beach, you can search with Ora beach resort Maluku Agoda.

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