Kota Gede, Yogyakarta

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Kota Gede Yogyakarta
Kota Gede Yogyakarta

Kota Gede is one of the best tourist areas in Yogyakarta and becomes a favorite place for local and foreign tourists. All tourists generally enjoy this place by foot. This store is still maintained by traditional building architectural which looks very attractive. In antiquity Kota Gede is a living center for the nobles and royal wholesalers.

Kota Gede is one area in Yogyakarta, which has a long cultural history. At first Yogyakarta stands as the center of the development of Hinduism and Buddhism. Kota Gede has a history that cannot be separated in Yogyakarta government in the 10th century Initially Kota Gede is a very dense forest. When a hero named Ki Gede Pemanahan managed to defeat the enemy that attacked the Pajang, then Ki Gede Pemanahan receive the gift of the forest. The forest area is converted into a residential area by Ki Gede Pemanahan family. This area was once the seat of government while the current condition of the kingdom in a critical state. The period is what makes forests renamed Kota Gede.

There are many attractions that can be visited in here. Historical relics became one of the objects that are very attractive to all tourists. Here are some interesting places you can visit.

Remains of the fort. A building which is a former castle ruins can be visited around the palace. A building consisting of high walls to witness history about this place.
A market that had triumphed in the reign Panembahan Senopati into markets that is still in use today. Various merchants from this area will enliven the market on a particular day in the calculation of Java. This market area is located adjacent to the castle ruins and relics of the square.
The tomb of the founder of the kingdom. If you walk to the south of Kota Gede market then you can find the tomb complex. This tomb has a characteristic building very close to the architectural style of Java. This tomb building into a tomb for all members of the Islamic Mataram kingdom.

Kota Gede tourist area offers a very complete history tour to all tourists. Tourism culture and traditions into one tourist movement relied upon by Kota Gede. One of the interesting parts of this place is the friendliness of its people who still hold traditional values and culture of Java. All merchants who offer silver will provide a service that is friendly and gentle to the prospective buyer.

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