Kopeng, the Right Place to Breath Fresh Air

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Kopeng The Right Place to Breath Fresh Air
Kopeng The Right Place to Breath Fresh Air

Kopeng, the right place to breath fresh air. Merapi Volcano Mountain has Kaliurang, belongs to Merbabu. It is not an accidental fact but Kopeng becomes a favorite tourism destination for many people. The tourism destination offers a countryside situation and fresh air in the area. It makes everyone feel comfortable and enjoyable to visit to the place. For some people who do not visit yet to this place, they will get confused on finding the location. These are the things making you go to the place over.

Offering Several Tourism Objects in One Location
Kopeng is located in foot of Merbabu Mountain, Salatiga, Central Java. But, some people claim that it is in Magelang. Actually it is located in the border of Magelang and Salatiga. It does not be a big problem because you will enjoy beautiful scenery and fresh air of mountain. When you are in here, you do not only get fresh air. There are several tourism objects to visit. Merbabu national park is the first tourism object. This area includes umbul songo waterfall, swimming pool and camping ground. It is suggested for those who want to have ropes and climbing activities. Then, you can spend your time in a water bath location. You can relax your body in the bath and shop typical souvenirs.

Providing Various Hotels and Villas
If you want to stay in this place for longer time, you should find hotels and villas in the area. You will never get difficulties on finding it because there are some kinds of hotels. You can rent a common hotel to the star hotel. It depends on your budget and money. Because there are so many hotels in Kopeng, you should not get surprise on hotel brokers. If you get interested in staying in hotels, it is important to ask for facilities in details and do not forget to bargain the cost of the hotels.

Buying Fresh Vegetables and Fruits
Enjoying natural tourism in here will never make you disappointed. This place has height of 3150 meters. Cold weather will come to your bones when you are close to Kopeng. Being closer to Kopeng is seeing a plantation of vegetables and fruits. It includes carrots, cabbage, lettuce, potato, strawberry and pineapple. If you want to get interested in it, you can buy it with affordable price. Kopeng saves so many amazing things making you pleasant in visiting to the place. It is better to drive a private vehicle so that you can satisfy in enjoying the overall scenery of Kopeng.

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