Jomblang cave, Forest Tour and Cave for Adventurer in Yogyakarta

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jomblang cave yogyakarta
jomblang cave yogyakarta

Jomblang cave is one of the new tourist areas in Yogyakarta. The Jomblang cave is formed naturally that has a steep vertical base. The cave is also one that provides the access road to several other types of caves. The beauty of the cave Jomblang is able to become one of the legendary adventures for all the tourists who like a challenge.

The Beauty of the Jomblang Cave
The Jomblang cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Gunung Kidul. The beauty of the cave Jomblang been entered in the show Amazing Race America. Location Jomblang cave is located in the southern coastal area of Gombong connected to Pacitan. The beauty of the cave is formed naturally through natural processes. Some researchers found that this cave formation process of the ground vegetation to the bowels of the earth which eventually form the hallway. The mouth of the cave appears to the top of the land measuring approximately 50 meters. This place scenery becomes one of major concern. The tourists will see a view of the teak forests of cave passage. All of these plants grow naturally and there was never human who started.

How to Reach
The cave presents very beautiful natural scenery. The challenge to achieve this cave will be felt by every tourist. But all the tourists can go into this cave despite not having experience through the cave. Special equipment will be provided by your officers into the cave Jomblang. Ability caving techniques officers is already in the test through a special examination. Equipment such as boots, helmet, headlamp, body cover should be worn by everyone. Special guide will give direction to all the tourists who will go into the cave. Various instructions for the safety of visitors should be the responsibility of all the tourists.
Jomblang cave scenery can be discovered by all visitors is like a natural river, teak forests are overgrown by moss and wild bush. The scenery is even more beautiful with ornate water dripping sound natural.

Tips for Visitors Jomblang Cave
–  All visitors who enter into the cave must wear safety equipment complete. All visitors must be accompanied by experienced guides.
–   The best time to visit the cave is at 9:00 to 12:00 pm. Maximum number of visitors to the cave once no more than 25 people. All visitors must also consider the ecosystem and the environment in Jomblang cave.

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