Jaya Wijaya Papua Summit Information You Have to Know

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Jaya Wijaya Papua Mountains
Jaya Wijaya Papua Mountains

Jaya Wijaya Papua. Described as one of the world Seven Summit Wonder, Jaya Wijaya Papua is one of the favorite mountains to go for the climber who enthusiast to see the eternal snow up in the mountains of Jaya Wijaya. Although there are so many stories that tell Jaya Wijaya is hard to reach, Jaya Wijaya attraction is difficult to be rejected. Read this article below to know more information includes Puncak Jaya snow.

See Deeper Jaya Wijaya Papua Summit Treasure

In this article about Jaya Wijaya Papua, we will give you some of the fact and information you should know before you go to the summit. There are such as Jaya Wijaya General Information, Jaya Wijaya attractions, how to get to Jaya Wijaya location, how to enter to Jaya Wijaya, and tips in Jaya Wijaya Papua. See the explanations below to enrich your knowledge about the mountains.

1. Jaya Wijaya General Information
Jayawijaya is a mountain with a 4.884 meters high upon the sea surfaces and was a part of Lorentz National Park. The coordinate of this mountain is S 04 04.733 and E 137 09.572. Jaya Wijaya, as we have been said before is one of the Seven Summit Wonder who called Carstensz Pyramid. The mountain glaciers type is Alpine Glaciation type which same as the Alpine Mountain in Europe.

2. Way to go to Jaya Wijaya Papua
To reach Jaya Wijaya Papua, you need to prepare enough health condition, enough fee since you have to spend six days to go there and rent the helicopter to bring you to the one point of climbing. From Nabire, you need to use a helicopter to Ilapa or Sugapa. Arrived at Ilapa or Sugapa, you will pass Larson Lake for about four days, to Blue Lake, and in camp before going to Carstenz Peak.

3. Jaya Wijaya Attractions
Jaya Wijaya offered you the fantastic view of the snow summit and the way Jaya Wijaya challenging your skill will give you a different experience of climbing. When you climb the mountain, you have to be a focus on the though surface. After that, you’ll believe about Puncak Jaya climbing difficulty. Besides of that, Dani Tribe who lived around the area will make you acknowledge of their unique culture.

4. Enter Jaya Wijaya Area
Protection to Jaya Wijaya Mountain as one of the Carstensz Pyramid is tight. Furthermore, the mountains are the part of Lorentz National Park. Of course, you have to get the permission from the people who manage the place. You can call them a long day before you go there or follow the group of climbers tot to distress to get permission.

5. Tips in Jaya Wijaya
Jaya Wijaya is a mountain lived by the original tribe of the mountain which is Dani Tribe. Dani Tribe can become sensitive if their environment littered with unknown people since stone or mountain is sacred things for them. So, keep your garbage in one place and throw it when you arrive at the starting point.

Above were the things to know before you go to the Jaya Wijaya Papua. Jaya Wijaya is also near to Mount Trikora. So you may want to go there to see another fantastic view. Hope it finds useful.

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