Indrayanti Beach, the Next Kuta Beach in Indonesia

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Indrayanti Beach the Next Kuta Beach in-Indonesia
Indrayanti Beach the Next Kuta Beach in-Indonesia

Indrayanti Beach is a wonderful beach located in Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. Gunung Kidul is very famous for its natural beaches. There are many magnificent beaches in the region. Indrayanti beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Yogyakarta. It has a situation and atmosphere like in Bali. Restaurants and cottages are lined in around the beach. This is being the typical feature of this beach. To know closer about Indrayanti Beach, here are several things about it.

Different Concept
Indrayanti beach has a different concept with the other beaches in Yogyakarta. Though it has white sand and coral stones, Indrayanti beach still has a different nuance and situation. The situation will make you feel comfortable to stay in the beach. The managers of beach are trying to give modern touch for the beach. The modern touch is useful to get visitors attention and interest. This thing can be seen from the arrangement of beach location including services and facilities provided in the beach. Restaurants look neatly in the edge of beaches when you enter to the beach. In addition, there are several colorful umbrellas in the beach. The umbrellas are used to beautify white sand Indrayanti beach. It is also to protect visitors from sunshine.

Modern Theme
When you visited to the this beach, you will be offered by some modern facilities. It includes the modern concept of jet sky facilities. The jet sky can be rented by visitors to enjoy blue sea of Indrayanti beach. It makes you enjoy a distinct situation in the beach. Then, the regulations for visitors are obvious. The visitors can throw rubbish in the beach. It is because you must pay some money when you throw the rubbish. It makes the beach look so natural and clean.

Easy Transportation
The other facilities of this place are cottages. Seven cottages can offer a comfortable situation at night. To stay in the cottage, you only need to spend some money around $40. It is so really cheap. Indrayanti Beach is easy to reach by public or private transportation. The beach is located in Tepus district belonging to the east area of Gunung Kidul. This beach has been the phenomenon in Yogyakarta. It becomes a favorite tourism destination. Though it can be reached by public transportation, it is suggested to use private transportation. Modern situation of this beach reminds you Kuta Beach. It is often called to be the next Kuta Beach in Indonesia. Try to visit to the beach right now and feel the wonderful situation.

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