Green Bay Natural Beauty In Banyuwangi

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Green Bay Natural Beauty In Banyuwangi
Natural Beauty In Banyuwangi

Green bay, natural beauty in Banyuwangi. Green Bay or what is called “Teluk Hijau” is a wonderful tourist destination in Banyuwangi, East Java. Though it is not as popular as Sukamade or Rajegwesi, its soft white sand gives typical beauty that amazes anyone who visits it. The green bay also has an eight metres waterfall and beautiful coral. The view of the Green Bay is green, which is derived from the water. Of course, it is not that the water is truly green, but because of the algae in the water. It reflects the green colour to the surface of the water. The Green Bay is part of Meru Betiri National Park.

A Challenge that worth the Effort
Commonly, tourists prefer visiting Meru Betiri National Park to the Green Bay. Also, they often visit Sukamade too. They only adore the green beauty of the Green Bay on their way to the two places. They often stop at the Green Bay and enjoy the beauty from the hill. They do not know that the core beauty of the Green Bay is at the beach. Indeed, it is not easy to reach this place because there is only a narrow path and rocks. Tourists have to go down the hill and pass a forest with big trees. Only after passing a trip that is full of challenges that requires then to fight in full of adrenalin, they can arrive in this place. Then, all the tiring efforts are paid when they look at the beach. The sounds and the view of the waves, as well as the green of the beach are the precious things they will find there.

Things to do In Green Bay
As the beach is still natural, swimming in the beach is a fun thing to do, especially when it is done with friends or family. Lying on the sand and just enjoy the scenery while having sun bathing is fun to do too. For people who love camping, there is wide area near the beach for building tents, so that they can enjoy camping at the same time enjoying the situation of the natural beach. However, it is important to notice the water condition before deciding to build a tent and enjoy camping there.However, since the beach is actually a limited access beach, building a tent at the seashore can be too risky. It is known that tigers and deer are close to the location, which can be a serious threat for people who camp there.

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