Gili Meno, Hidden Paradise on the Lombok Island

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Gili Meno, Hidden Paradise on the Lombok Island
Gili Meno, Hidden Paradise on the Lombok Island

Gili Meno is the smallest and quietest island compared to the other two Gili Islands according to tour of Indonesia. The view of the beach with bluish-green water and white sands make this place prefect for those of you who intend to refresh your mind from all the busyness and all the work in your place. Vacation to this island seems just a vacation at the private island because there is not many tourists who visit this island. Tourist’s reason to ignore the island is because this place is too small and not suitable for parties that is requiring “wild” atmosphere.

Anything you can do in this island
You can walk to all parts of the island by renting a buggy or just by walking. There are lot of natural scenery that will take your breath, such as cute animals and the lives of local communities. The interesting place to visit is the salty lake in the west of island. Besides, you cannot forget about sunbathing on the beach. Gili Meno beach is a stretch of the best beaches on the Gili Islands group. The water is still clear and there is no garbage at all. The fresh coastal air can help to refresh your mind.

Snorkeling is a thing you should do in this place. The waves were pretty quiet so there would be no problem if you want to snorkel or dive around. Besides the variety of ornamental fishes, you can see the little turtles swimming in shallow water. It makes the Gili Meno as the tour of Indonesia.

Bird’s park and turtles breeding are two places you should not miss when visiting Gili Meno. Almost all species of birds in Indonesia (which is not extinct) are here till this day. In this island there is also a large turtles breeding and the purpose is to preserve this kind of marine animal.

Gili Meno

Take these things before you go to Gili Meno
There is almost no nightlife in this island, so it is not too much to call the place as the quietest tour of Indonesia ever. Usually people who stay in Gili Meno will go to Gili Trawangan to attend the night party. There is no fancy restaurant too or special food like in the restaurants. However, the cafes that exist in this place have fairly complete kitchen appliances to provide good food from good chef. There are two places which are famous enough, among others: Stalls Rust, which is a suitable place to chat with other people when the island was becoming quieter. And the second is the Stall Yaya. This small café is very popular because all of the dishes are fairly inexpensive. If you intend to spend a holiday on this island, you better bring enough money because there is no bank or ATM here. Gili Meno, hidden paradise on the Lombok island.

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