East Java Bromo Mountain, Feel the Hiking Sensation There

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East Java Bromo Mountain
East Java Bromo Mountain

East Java Bromo Mountain, Feel the Hiking Sensation There
“A nation will not lack leaders if their youth still love to exploring the forest and climbing the mountain”. That’s a quote from Indonesian’s famous independence figure, Soe Hoek Gie. For your information, mountain climbing has done by many people. There are so many experiences which we can get while climbing the mountain. You will know your real colleague character with climbing the mountain together. East Java Bromo Mountain is a sensational mountain, one of the best mount in Indonesia.

Bromo, a Mount Full of Sensation
Mount Bromo is located in East Java, 2,5 hours from Malang. Mount Bromo is a part of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, which is sustained by three terrific mountains, Bromo, Semeru, and Tengger. With its 2392 meters of height, Mount Bromo is not among the highest Indonesia’s mountain, but it has a stunning view that you must feel it by yourself. Amazing, and we have some information about this sensational mount below.

1.  It’s Still an Active Volcano!
East Java Bromo Mountain is an active volcano. One of the most active volcanoes in the world. Sometimes it erupts and closed temporarily because of its dangerous. Mount Bromo hs erupted so many, recorded since 1775 until the latest eruption 2016. The biggest Mount Bromo eruption happened in 1974. Because of Mount Bromo eruption is frequently happened, local residences are felt “normal” when Mount Bromo erupts.

2.  So Many Beautiful Things
People climb Mount Bromo to search for its beautiful things. At Mount Bromo, you can find so many beautiful things, start from then views until the cultures. Mount Bromo’s amazing view is undoubted. You can see a big mountain, with seas of sand around them. Don’t forget about the crater and caldera that you can find on your way to the top. When you reach the top in the sunrise time, you will get unimagined terrific scenery. You must try Mount Bromo sunrise sensation.

Besides the view, you also can find their unique cultures. The example is a local residence house is different from usual home. You also can find a Tenggerese Hindu Temple, the legacy of Indonesia’s ancient age.

3.  How to Get To Bromo
All of the explanation above is so interesting. But one question, do you know how to get to Mount Bromo? It is easy to access Mount Bromo. You can get to Mount Bromo from Surabaya by plane. It takes 4 hours due to traffic and congestion. If you don’t get direct travel to Bromo from Surabaya, you can go to Probolinggo. That’s a city where climbers gather and usually share a transport and taking them to Bromo. You also can get to Bromo from Malang. It is closer than travel from Surabaya. It takes 2 hours from Malang to East Java Bromo Mountain.

We guess our explanation of East Java Bromo Mountain makes you interested in climbing the mountain. Don’t worry, because of Indonesia’s mild weather, you can visit Mount Bromo anytime. But be noticed when Bromo erupts. It will close for tourism until the erupts stop. Prepare your physic and budget, then go to Bromo as soon as possible.

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