Curug Lawe, the Fresh Waterfall in Semarang

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Curug Lawe
Curug Lawe

Curug Lawe, the fresh waterfall,have you ever known? In around Ungaran Mountain, there are several waterfalls. One of the waterfalls is Curug Lawe. The waterfall is located in Kalisidi village, Semarang regency. The scenery of this place is so amazing and can release the tiredness. For those getting interest in having holiday in nature, it can be a good decision. These are some reasons why you should visit to this destination.

Easy Access to Curug Lawe.
For the tourists who want to go to this waterfall, it is easy to reach. The trip to the waterfall will never make you get confused. You can pass roads of Gunung pati. After that, you will cross Kalisidi village. From highway, it only needs 20 minutes to reach a waterfall entrance. In the entrance, it only pays retribution 4000 rupiahs per person. When you arrived in the entrance, it still needs a long trip to the waterfall location. The way to the waterfall needs to spend one hour. You have to prepare your stamina and energy. It is because the streets are varied starting from river flow, wooden bridge and crossing the river. Though it seems to be hard to do, it will be unforgettable moment.

Curug Lawe Waterfall
The intensity of waterfall is very hard when rainy season comes. Thus, it is not recommended to swim under the waterfall. The first path to cross is a water channel. This way is quite fun and pleasant because you can enjoy flows of river. In addition, you can see green scenery of the forest. Then, you will definitely cross the wooden bridge. It is better to take pictures and photos in this bridge because its scenery is so perfectly beautiful. After the water flow way, you will cross a path. You should only follow the directions to reach it. Finally, it meets intersection to Curug Benowo and Curug Lawe. It is good to take the way to the waterfall.

Beautiful Scenery
When you arrived in here, you will be speechless. You cannot say anything about Curug Lawe. After you cross river flow, you will see an amazing waterfall.The scenery of the waterfall is very magnificent and beautiful. It includes hard water flow from the waterfall. Curug Lawe is located in the riverbank. The scenery of Curug Lawe is more exotic than Curug Benowo. It seems to give a wonderful elegancy and spell to you. This place is a great tourism destination to release tiredness and fatigue.

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