Costa Rica Travel Guide, Enjoy Costa Rica Inexpensively

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Costa Rica Travel
Costa Rica Travel

Costa Rica travel
guide, enjoy Costa Rica inexpensively. Costa Rica is one of small country in central US. Costa Rica’s people like so much with sugars. In fact in 1980, an average consumption of sugar almost 1,7 oz per day for each person. This country also have the safest political condition in its region. Even costa Rica is the best in term of income per capita. Well, in spite it all, Costa rica also has a vary of destination to visit. If you have days to spend in Cetral America, keep in mind to visit costa rica because you will have opportunity to see anything you might never see.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, North Puntarenas
Fat first, we can include Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve as the list of destination we would visit. This is located in North Puntarenas, Costa Rica. The word ‘Cloud’ on this spot means that this destination allows you to walking through the clouds thousands of feet above sea level, so cool but extremely impressive. Find a vary of plant life and wildlife which might be rare for anyone.

Costa Rica Travel
There’s no question that Monteverde Cloud Forest is truly a nature lover’s paradise. Surround with a unique misty cover. The high humidity levels make it serve harboring a thriving ecosystem below. Amazing flora and fauna to be challenging to see. Find giant trees and look toward the top where you are able to see more than 500 species of birds live. The three-wattled bellbird and an elusive queztal are two protected birds here. Again, it is possible for you to take the pictures of 200 species of ferns and 420 species of orchids.

Tamarindo, Guanacaste
Tamarindo is the beach spot to visit in Costa Rica. You can see directly the beauty of this Guanacaste beach town. This spot has been completed with modern development, like paved roads, that why it becomes the dreamy tourism destination. No worry about it being too commercial and crowded because the rules has kept it to always clean, safe and avoid from crowded. So what things to do there?. That’s good question. You can swimming as satisfied as you want, see a vary of animal life so prepare your self to see some fabulous creatures! Or just rent a scuba gear and spend the day exploring the surface of the blue sea. Sailing, sportfishing, surfing, kayaking can be listed to your activities. Invite your special friend to enjoy romantic dinner in the seaside. More than fun in Costa Rica travel.

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