Bunaken Island,3 Things To Do in Bunaken Island

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Bunaken Island
Bunaken Island

Bunaken Island is the main destination should be visited when you have trip to Indonesia. As we know that Bunaken is one of the most popular island that is located in Manado bay North Sulawesi,
Indonesia. The spot is almost 8,08 km feet and extremely beautiful and exciting to visit. It not only offers you with amazing views but also challenging activities you never think before. The ticket to
enter each area is only 25.000 IDR, not far different than other cheap destination, isn’t it! Therefore you will get additional charge when you decide to use for rent diving equipment and also for transportation.

Enjoy Undersea Views
Bunaken island stores a variety of fish and dedicated as the most complete species of coral reefs around the worlds. That’s why there are many tourists visit here every year, especially in mid of May – June. Also, you will find 13 rare coral reef species that you never find in other countries. Additionally, you will also find amazing sights are towering vertical down to a depth of approximately 25 to 50 meters. In this deep area, many divers will have an opportunity to see a variety of unique fishes such as white koi, goropa, lolosi yellow tail, indigo trunk so on. All divers can enjoy swimming in the base of ocean along with the different marine creatures.

Surfing and Snorkel in Bunaken
As mentioned above, to enjoy diving without feeling anxious, try to visit 23 different spots for enjoy diving in Bunaken island. For the diving equipments, no worry because every spot provide you a complete equipments to hire with 100.000 IDR per person. 390 different coral reef species not isn’t impossible to see for you. To able to achieve these diving spots, it would be nice for you to hire a motorboat that eats at least 35 minutes long journey. Some interesting diving spots often visited by tourists i.e. Manado Tua, Tanjung Kopi, Tembok Lekuan I,II,III, Bunaken Island Timor and Mandolin. When the waves is up, surfing can be enjoyable activity to do.

Culinary in Bunaken
Now, this is time for you to taste each foods that they provide for. Thank to Bunaken Island because it presents with a variety of delightful foods such as Manado porridge, sea food, and also other foods made from coconut. To get a romantic and tastefully restaurant and cafe, it is not a difficult task for you. Along seaside, you will find what restaurant you look for.

Shopping Time
Then, is it good shopping there on May – June?. The answer is absolutely yes. On these periods,there are many sellers who sell their items and of course you may bargain wisely. A vary of handicrafts made from various shells, rocks and sea coral reef can be purchased there easily. Even, you can bring ornaments, fabrics and shirts as the gift for your friends. So after you facts above, are you interested to visit Bunaken island?

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