Banyumala Twin Waterfall Bali A Hidden Treasure For Holiday Bucket List

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Banyumala Twin Waterfall Bali
Banyumala Twin Waterfall Bali

Banyumala Twin Waterfall Bali
is one of fantastic Bali waterfalls near Kuta because it located in Buleleng Regency. Even this regency is a paradise waterfall; this waterfall will never fail to impress you. The beautiful scenery and environment around it will make you feel calm and relax. It also has a trekking path which can boost up your adrenalin. This waterfall will offer you new things to discover.

Banyumala Twin Waterfall Bali As Your Holiday Bucket List
Bali offers you many kinds of destination, like beach and lake. But this island also has many waterfalls. You probably confuse to choose which one to visit. Banyumala Twin Waterfall can be your best option to put on your bucket list. We will tell you why this waterfall is worth to put on your bucket list

1. The Challenging and Adventurous Way
Banyumala Twin Waterfall Bali it can be a challenge to going to. The road is quite narrow and bumpy. After you arrived in the area of parking, you need to walk through the jungle, better to bring a guide who knows Banyumala waterfall map with you because the sign of the waterfall is very remote. It’s not the end; we need to hike through the narrow path and traditional stairs. Watch your steps, because it’s slippery. However, after you pass all those ways, your effort will pay off.

2. The Twin Waterfall Bali
When you arrived in Banyumala Twin Waterfall, you will see that it is located in a valley. The waterfall is surrounded by some lush vegetations and cliffs. The sides of the waterfall are divided into three part. The largest and highest waterfall is located between the small waterfall. So we can see three flows in there. Hence people name it as twin waterfalls Bali. Don’t forget to capture the beauty of this waterfall by your phone or camera.

3. A Beautiful Natural Pool
The flows from the waterfall pouring into the natural pool below. This beautiful pool looks like the hidden lagoon in a jungle. Most of the waterfall in Bali is sacred and dangerous, but don’t worry this Bali waterfall is save to swim. It even saves for you who learn to swim, because the pool is shallow. The clear turquoise water is inviting you to dip yourself in. You also can try massaging yourself by using the water flows.

4. The Peaceful and Soothing Environment
Since Banyumala Twin Waterfall Bali is hidden away, it becomes a destination which not overwhelmed by tourist. It is perfect for you who wants to escape yourself in the Mother Nature’s arm. These waterfalls give you a peaceful and soothing environment, which is rare to find in Bali today. You can admire it by sitting on the Bale Bengong nearby, or enjoying the pool by swimming and laying on your floaties.

Those all about Banyumala Twin Waterfall Bali. Hope this will encourage you to add this best waterfall in Bali on your holiday bucket list. You will never regret to visit this waterfall because it will give a twin beauty you shouldn’t have to miss.

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