Baliem Valley Cultural Festival in Papua

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Baliem Valley
Baliem Valley

Baliem Valley surely will be one of the most interesting parts of Papua which people should visit. It is sure that Papua has so many great places for enjoying the beautiful ocean view. However, ocean view is not the only thing people can enjoy in Papua. In the mountains of central Papua, there is Baliem Valley which is placed at 1,600 meters above the sea level. The valley which is lined by the steep green mountain walls becomes the place where Dani tribe lives in. The length of the valley is 72 km with the wide from 15 km to 31 km. The valley is cut by Baliem River.

Baliem Valley History
The valley was discovered at very first time by an outsider from America named Richard Archbold on 23 June 1938. It was Shangri-La in Indonesia according to him when he saw the valley at very first time from his seaplane. Dani tribe and its culture surely becomes the most interesting part of this place besides the beautiful view offered by the Baliem Valley.

The Dani is called as gentle warrior because the people just use simple tools made from bone and stone for sculpt the fields. The outposts as well as lookout towers are built for defending their home from the hostile tribes. Besides the agricultural skills which are owned by Dani tribe, people will also be interested to the huts called honai which are made separately for men and women. It has roofs which are thatched thickly so the hut can be kept cool at the day time and warm at the night time.

Baliem Valley Cultural Festival
Trekking surely will be the best experience which people can choose for witnessing the way of life of the Dani including the traditional ceremony as well as traditional market. However, because there is only limited number of restaurants which can be found inside baliem valley area, it is better for visitor to bring their own meal and snack while trekking around the valley. The greatest attraction which is awaited in this area must be the Baliem Festival which is held every year on the vast open ground. It is the festival for accommodating the mock war held by the Dani tribes and also surrounding tribes in Papua. This event surely is captivating and August becomes the month when the event will be held. Besides the staged tribal wars, people will also be able to enjoy watching pig race, traditional dance, as well as race. In fact, Baliem valley Festival becomes the biggest reason why people visit the island.

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