Arborek Ecotourism Village with Marine Local Wisdom

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Arborek ecotourism village
Arborek ecotourism Village

Arborek ecotourism village becomes part of Raja Ampat which is very popular place where people can find the beauty of underwater world and above water world. Raja Ampat is well known not only because of its beautiful water environment but also the wisdom of people who are living in this area about ecosystem. It can be seen from 18 beautiful villages in West Papua which build local regulation of marine conservation which is based on the community. The pioneer of those villages is Arborek and it got the outstanding reputation from international community as well as local authority.

Because it is part of Raja Ampat, there is no question that visitors will not find difficulty to find the underwater beauty in this village. Divers will be able to find the beautiful underwater view just by plunging into the water. Just below the surface, they will be able to enjoy the illuminating view of gorgonian fan.

The beautiful underwater view will get perfect combination with the warmth welcoming of the people in Arborek who are well known of their hospitality. People who are living in this village are also able to create exceptional handicraft from the sea pandan leaves which can be found a lot surround their village. That is why people will get fascinated by the village as well as the underwater view. When people are in the Arborek ecotourism village, they must not miss the handicraft made by the community. The most popular handicraft product which is very identical with Papua is hat as well as noken or bag made from string.

Arborek ecotourism village.
Most women in other villages will help husband for fishing but women in this village will spend much of their time for creating handicraft for a living. People in Arborek ecotourism village understand that they can get more money by catching lobster or working in pearl agro-production but women in this village think that making handicraft will be more suitable for women. This kind of local wisdom surely becomes a great reason why people have to visit this village. There are some interesting activities besides diving or snorkeling which can be done in this village. During the low tide, visitors can join the fishermen wives for hunting sea cucumbers and combing other marine creatures which can be eaten. This activity is called bameti by local. Seeing mantas surely should not be missed when people visit Arborek ecotourism village but they also need to spare time for watching villagers making the handicraft.


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