5 Reasons Why Karimun Jawa is Amazing

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karimun java
karimun java

Karimun jawa is one of well- known destination situated in Java. Many Indonesians call it “Karimun Jawa”. It is one of a small island that consists of a variety of sea animals. The view is not far different than Seribu island in Jakarta but Karimun Jawa is better in term of hygiene and environment health. If you spend your days for some days in Java, be sure to visit Karimun Jawa. It is located in north of Java, the wave is calm and extremely safe to dive. Not only local people who love so much with karimun jawa but also foreign people for some reasons below. Here are 5 reasons why karimun jawa is amazing.

Karimun Jawa

karimun jawa
karimun jawa

Swimming with Big Reef Sharks
If you ever watch the killer reef shark on big office, now the real shark around you. They situated perfectly in the shallow ponds that is built near seaside. Sorrounded with small stones and blue bright sea water, make you can see the real big shark, even some shark ponds allow you to fall your self down. It might be terrible but believe that they are tame and never eat you as long as they are still sate. Joking you!. A place to swim with hundred big reef sharks named blacktip reef shark. You can not only see them but also touch them friendly.

If you feel that the underwater view of Karimun Jawa is similar than other places, that’s a mistake. Impress your self with abundant species of fish and reefs, moreover when you see that the water is extremely bright and clean. Some nice spots for snorkeling i.e. Menjangan Besar island, Menjangan kecil island, Tanjung Gelam Beach, Cemara Beach, Tengah Beach and so on.

Stay Overnight In The Middle Of The Sea
Then, what’s next to do in Karimiun Java?. Enjoy the cool atmosphere, windy night and romantic dinner by staying overnight in the middle of the sea. You will see a lot of hotel to order and uniquely some of them are situated in the middle of the sea. It is almost like a floating hotel. Although they are floated on the surface of the sea, but no worry because they are designed sturdier and water resistant. Even a romantic dinner can be an option for your pleasure. Nevertheless be sure to order the hotel before being crowded. If possible, you can order them as online to avoid from undesirable events.Lets trip to karimun jawa island.

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